What you have been missing…..PHYTOSPORT!!!!!!!!

Straight off the back of the Arbonne Advantage Conference, that was held in Melbourne, there is news of an exciting new product launch. Let me introduce you to…..(drum roll please)

Phytosport Range!

phytosport collection

This exciting new range will help fuel every workout every time. The range contains:

 → No whey;

→ No diary;

→ No Soy; and

→ No Caffeine.

Whey, dairy and soy are often the source of allergies. What this amazing new range does contain is:

→ Cayene to support circulation;

→Ginseng to support physical capacity and performance; and

→ Turmeric to support joint and deliver anti-oxidant protection.

The range consists of 3 products that will change the way your body responds to your workouts.

1. Arbonne Prepare and Endure

Arbonne Prepare and Endure contains simple carbohydrates to rapidly convert into functional energy to keep you moving. It helps sustain intensity and exertion required for activity and has a delicious orange-pineapple flavour. It supports oxygen delivery, healthy blood flow and nutrient delivery throughout the body.What’s more it assists in waste removal such as the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

Prepare and endure

2. Arbonne Complete Hydration

Arbonne Complete Hydration contains a powerful blend of 6 electrolytes. It can be taken before and after your workout. It supports the isotonic balance in the body replacing fluids lost in perspiration. It is formulated to re-hydrate cells ensuring proper body function is maintained throughout your workouts.

Complete Hydration

3. Arbonne After Workout

Arbonne After Workout helps to alleviate activity induces muscle soreness and fatigue. It will restore energy, supporting muscle growth and recovery. This will help reduce the downtime between workouts and can be added to water or Arbonne Essentials protein mix.

after workout

I have the range on order and am dying to send out a sample to you!!! Get in touch if you would like a sample of all 3 products in the range. I will through in some additional samples from the Arbonne Essentials range. Be one of the first to try this new range! To receive yours follow these easy steps:

1. Go to http://www.ellewebb.arbonne.com;
2. Go to Profile and Get in Touch; and
3. Enter details and say “Arbonne Phytosport yes please”.



Let’s Get Together!

Use an Arbonne Experience as an excuse to bring your besties together.  It is your choice when it comes to the kind of Arbonne Experience you would like to share. If you cannot decide you can always combine a couple to make an Ultimate Experience.

As an Arbonne Experience host all you have to do is:

1. Select a date;

2. Choose an Arbonne Experience option;

3. Invite at least 5 of your closest buddies;

4. Sample products, which I will provide you, from your chosen option prior to hosting your Arbonne Experience

5. Prepare light refreshments to be enjoyed at your Arbonne Experience.

workshop options

The benefits of being an Arbonne Host include:

1. Not having to leave home;

2. Receiving a gift for scheduling an Arbonne Experience;

3. Getting to try the products before your guests;

4. Receiving host rewards including free product and amazing discounts; and

5. Introducing your friends to vegan skin care that actually works!

Host Rewards

So hop to it. You and yours will have a ball.


Hot Chicks Talk Lip Sticks

Our second choice when it comes to lip beautification is Lip Stick. It has been around since the dawn of time, well for at least the last 5000 years. Lip Stick continues to impress, what the with new formulations continuously being released, not to mention the gorgeous packaging.


Hot Chicks top 5 on Lip Sticks:

1. It is long lasting; 

2. The right shade can intensify the colour of your eyes;

3. There is the option of applying it with a lip brush;

4. It defines your mouth; and

5. The easiest way to put together a look with minimal effort with  is Lip Stick + mascara.

Where To Start With Colour

pinklsPinks: Those of us with fair skin, your favourite pink will be a cool toned pink. For the those ladies with a medium complexion your most complementary pink will be more a warmer tone of pink. For those dark skinned beauties you are so lucky to be able to pull off a bright pink, fushia for example.

nudelsNudes: For those of us with fair skin your favourite nudes will be soft and sheer. For those ladies with a medium complexion your most complementary nude will be a coppery nude shade. For those dark skinned beauties you are so lucky to be able to pull off a shimmery dark cocoa colour.

berrylsBerries: For those of us with fair skin your favourite berries will be light in colour. For those ladies with a medium complexion your most complementary berry shade will be cool shimmery shade. For those dark skinned beauties you are so lucky to be able to pull off a rich plum.

There is nothing holding you back. Get some Lip Stick on your kissser. It’s long lasting, lip defining and it will make your lips look hot. We recommend you opt for a Lip Stick that offers the following:

1. Gluten and paraben free;

2. Vegan, dermatologist tested and hyperallergenic; and 

3. Natural skin conditioning agents.


You can purchase the above 5 shades, plus an additional 11 at only $41 each. Want to save on RRP? You can by becoming a preferred client you will save 20%. Want up to 80% off? host a party.


The Hot Goss on Lip Gloss

When it comes to beautifying our lips we have 3 choices, Lip G20150430_084805[2]loss, Lip Stick and Lip Balm. In this post we are going to give you the Hot Goss on Lip Gloss.

Lip Gloss is our all time fav lip product. Why?

1. It is so easy to apply without a mirror;

2. Buy the right formulation and it can be incredibly moisturising; and

3. It partners so well with a dramatic smokey eye. 

Let us take you through the Hot Goss

Moisturising Qualities. The right lip gloss can be incredibly moisturing for
your lips. This makes such a difference if you are a daily wearer. Plant based skin conditioning agents such as portulaca pilosa and leontopodium alpinum extract help hydrate, soothe,
soften and moisturise. 

Easy to Apply. You are more easily able to get away with reapplying lip gloss without a mirror than you are with lip stick. It is far more forgiving in that respect. This not only makes reapplying easier but more discrete because you don’t have to reach for a mirror compact. The most effective way to apply Lip Gloss is to start in middle of your lip and work your way out stopping just before the edge to prevent bleeding.

Perfect Introduction. Lip Gloss is truely the perfect introduction to lip colour for teenage girls. For those of you with young daughters, young neices or if you are a teenie bopper get your hands on some Gloss.

Shimmer or Gloss. The choice is yours. We love a shimmer Lip Gloss. It will take your lips from looking ordinary to extraordinary in a quick brush stroke. Shimmer Lip Glosses have a super reflective effect almost like a glitter sparkle drawing attention to your lips. A pure gloss on the other hand will give your lips a shiny finish without the glitter effect. With either finish you cannot go wrong.


There is nothing holding you back. Get on the Lip Gloss. It’s moisturising, it’s easy, it’s addictive and it will make your lips look hot. We recommend you opt for a Lip Gloss that offers the following:

1. Brush applicator;

2. Smooth, creamy non-tachy formula as it will deliver long wearing colour         and shine;

3. Free from gluten, parbens and synthetic dyes;

4. Vegan, hyperallergenic and dermatologist tested; and 

5. Soothing, hydrating and moisturising.

You can purchase the above 4 shades, plus an additional 6 at only $37 each. Want 20% become a preferred client. Want up to 80% off host a party.



Love Your Lips

It’s about time we spoke about one of the most important (well sensual) features of our face. Our luscious lips!!!!

Now in Autum and with Winter around the corner, our lips are about to cop a battering. With this in mind it is vital that we care for them and protect them whilst still looking hot!


It’s all about the moisture. In order to have lovely soft lips it is important to keep them well moisturised. The wind, sun, indoor heating and even constant blowing of your nose can dry your lips out. Not to mention what happens overnight, particularly to those mouth breathers amongst us.

Pay attention to what you are putting on your lips ladies. Ensure your lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms contain natural conditioning agents. This will make all the difference.


Sun protection is where is it at. Whilst the sun does not feel as strong in the cooler months, it is still important to protect them from the sun. I apply an SPF balm under my lipstick or gloss on when weekend when I know I will be spending time outside.

Choose a product containing:

1. non nano zinc oxide which will protect you from the sun; and

2. aloe vera and vitamin E for hydration.


Your lip care routine should include a weekly exfolitation treatment. You can exfoliate your lips with a range of products I bet you already have to hand……leaving you no excuse to have dry rough lips. Products like honey = sugar, moisturiser + toothbrush or bi-carb soda + water is all you need.

Cold and flu medications dry up your runny nose and chesty cough but can also leave your lips zapped of moisture and looking a little rough and flakey. The home made lip exfoliators are my favourite because they are always on hand. Be careful not to get them in your mouth and always finish up with your favourite lip moisturiser.


Lastly we cannot stress hydration enough. Be sure to keep you fluids up. It will make all the difference not only to your lips but to your complextion. We have already mentioned above that cold and flu medication can zap your lips of moisture but it can also affect your skin hydration levels.

Water.Water.Water. It will keep those kisses looking great from the inside out.


Here’s to gorgeous lips ladies.


Experiencing Foundation Frustration? Don’t…………

Don’t let the choice of foundation get the better of you. The choice is simple when you are armed with a little knowledge. Read on and it a few short minutes you will be able to conquer your foundation frustration.

Regardless of the type of foundation the key to a flawless finish is a primer. Think of why you prime your walls before you apply paint. Same deal. Applying a primer before you apply your foundation will visually diminish the lpook of fine lines and pores and give your foundation the perfect surface.


‘Your face is now primed ready to go, so what foundation do you choose? Let’s go through them.

1. Liquid Foundation –  is great for oily to normal complexions. The finish (how it will look once applied) can be either dewy or matte and can give you a light, meduim or full coverage. If you have an oily complexion, like I do, it is great finish off with a translucent powder.


2. Powder Foundation – can be illuminating or matte. It is perfect for oily, combination or normal complexions. If you have a dry complexion opt for a liquid foundation.

powder3. CC Cream – is a colour correcting cream, sometime also referred to as a complexion corrector. It has a soft whipped texture and evens out blotchiness, rediness and hyperpigmentation. This ia a treatment orientated product.

cc cream

4. Tinted Moisturisers – great for ladies with dry skin and that either do not need or want full coverage. If you have a more oily complexion try a sweep of translucent powder over the top. Make sure your tinted moisturiser has SPF 15.


Still suffering Foundation Frustration? We would be happy to help. Get in touch.


Arbonne…Have you heard about it?


Arbonne is a botanically based beauty, health and wellness company. Based on a Swiss formulation, Arbonne was founded in the US in 1980 by Petter Mørk and has been in Australia since 2008. Its philosphy is simple Pure.Safe.Beneficial.


Each product is developed with meaningful ingredients from nature, chosen for their effectiveness and safety. Arbonne continually raises its standards to find the perfect balance between what is pure and what is efficacious.


Arbonne’s products are safe, non-toxic and committed to being eco-friendly. ARbonne it viligant about the newest research regarding chemicals to ensure they are being mindful and cautious, Arbonne proactively searches for the purest, most unadulterated botanical ingredients from natural sources.


Arbonne’s core commitment is to provide effective products that deliver a true benefit. Products everyone should have and will desire. As trailblazers, Arbonne educates, empowers and inspires people to make better choices for the beauty, health and wellness of their families and friends.

Like to know more? Get in touch with me.